[Quick Bite] Calgary: KOL3

KOL3 is a new(ish) restaurant in Kensington that’s dedicated to serving Bánh Xèo (“sizzling cake”). They also have regular Vietnamese fare on their menu, like Phở, spring rolls & salad rolls. The interiors were simple & clean, if not a little bland, but that’s okay because I think this is supposed to be more of a fast-food type restaurant then a sit-down type restaurant anyways.

We tried the Traditional Bánh Xèo with beef and the Athena Bánh Xèo.

Traditional with Beef

I appreciated the nice green salad that came on the side. Other than that, I thought the “sizzling cake” itself was too doughy, the whole thing kind of just tasted like batter. Also, I thought the feta on the Athena Bánh Xèo was too overpowering. Oh – and they were a wee bit skimpy on the meat as well.

All in all, I don’t think I’d pay $9.00 for this again. For that much, I’d rather have a nice steaming bowl of Phở or a crunchy Bánh Mì instead.

KOL3 Restaurant
24 12 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-3666

Kol3 on Urbanspoon


2 Responses

  1. I came across your blog today and I must apologized for your experience. We take so much pride in our Banh Xeo and service. The picture you have posted shows that the crepes was not prepared to our standards-thanks for the picture! As the owner, I would like to invite you back as my guest to try our Banh Xeo and experience what it’s really like. Feel free to bring a friend. I look forward to meeting you.

    • Hi Janie,

      Thanks for your comment and invitation. I would love to come back and try what Banh Xeo should really be like~

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