[Take-Out] Calgary: Tenshi Sushi

The bf and I got take-out from Tenshi Sushi in Kensington today. Didn’t take any pictures because we come here/get food from here quite often.

Tenshi has sort of become the go-to sushi place for us. Usually the quality is pretty good and it is relatively inexpensive compared to other sushi places…but…today’s takeout was awful. Get this: I found a bone in my salmon roll! That was one of the first things I ate…so the rest was…just okay, since I was pretty unimpressed with the fact that there was a bone in my sushi.

Also, I get the egg drop soup instead of miso (I don’t like the taste) and it tasted like dirty socks today. I don’t know…maybe the imitation crab meat in the soup has gone bad or something…but -yeah- dirty GYM socks.

I think we’re going to have to boycott this place for a bit…we’ll probably still go back since it’s so close to our place, but…I’m going to avoid it for, at least, two months I think.

304 10 Street Northwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-0378

Tenshi Sushi on Urbanspoon


3 Responses

  1. […] very good. The sashimi slices were nice and thick, and no bones in the salmon, so that’s a plus. I’m disappointed that the mackerel didn’t have ginger on it, but at least it had green […]

  2. I can’t believe u have a blog. Ur an idiot. U don’t slag a place Bc of one bad experience unless of course it’s as bad as my first experience with ur blog .

    • When you work in the service industry, every experience matters.
      Especially in a city where there are a ton of options, why would I go back to a place that was careless enough to leave BONES in their fish?
      It’s not like I said completely horrible things about the place, I did say that I used to go there a lot and the quality is usually pretty good. My reaction to not eat there again is obviously a unique reaction that only applies to myself.
      I would hope that anyone reading this blog would only be taking into account my experience to help them decide if they want to eat at Tenshi or not.
      And just like your experience with my blog, it’s your right to decide to not like it and not support it, just as it’s my right to not like Tenshi.

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