[Dine-Out] Calgary: Mango Shiva

This was our first Big Taste Calgary 2011 restaurants. We wanted to go to CHARCUT first, but they were booked full. THEN, we were going to go to Blink, but they were full too. So we went to Mango Shiva instead, and man, am I glad we did!

Mango Shiva was booked full as well, but they had a lot of bar seating opened, so we grabbed one of those. There were two older ladies that were at the bar, but somehow managed to snag a table. Shoot, we should have showed up earlier! I don’t really like eating at the bar, it just doesn’t seem as nice of a meal. The atmosphere of the restaurant was still really nice, but it’s just not the same as sitting at a table, you know?

The matradee kept turning the music up really loud throughout the night. It was pretty funny actually. A server would come by to turn it down, and then he would show up and try to turn it up a little, but each time he would just accidentally turn it up to loud. I think they happened three or four times.

Mango Shiva is great because they start you off with some sort of mango salsa with this crispy chip like thing to dip with (shows how much I know about indian cuisine). I love that salsa, it’s very tangy and surprisingly spicy!

I also love the mango lassi here. It’s very thick and refreshing, I like how they put the ice at the bottom of the glass so the drink doesn’t instantly get diluted. The portion is quite big as well, I had a mango lassi at Raj’s Palace that was half the size and around the same price.

Sorry, the photo quality is going to get a lot worse! The lighting here is very dark, very bad for photo taking.

We decided to get one of the Big Taste menu ($35.00) and one separate main entrée, we didn’t really need 2 appetizers and 2 desserts, and this way is a lot cheaper!

We started off with the Lamb Kebab Sliders. I usually am not a big fan of lamb, but these were really good, I especially liked the yogurt sauce that came on it.

Close up!

The bf had the Braised Lamb off of the Big Taste Menu:

Not much of a picture, sorry~

The two guys next to us ordered the exact same dish off of the regular menu, and the portions they got was MUCH bigger, probably 1.5x (and their food came out first too! Even though we ordered before them).

I had the Tandoori Chicken off of the regular menu:

Wrong choice >__<

It was good but I should have ordered something that came with lots and lots of curry so I could have dipped my naan in it!! The plate consisted of a chicken leg, and came with potatoes and a yogurt sauce. I wallowed in my mistake for the rest of the meal, wishing I had ordered something saucy for my naan.

Delicious delicious naan that didn't live up to its full potential (sauceless, so sad)

I don’t remember what the dessert on the Big Taste Menu was exactly, but I remember is being delicious. It was some sort of ginger creme brûlée, and it was incredible. I could’ve eaten ten of these babies.


So even though I was sad about my wrong meal choice, the creme brûlée definitely cheered me up! All in all, it was a great meal, and I’m going to have to come back and order myself some curry…or butter chicken (drool).

218 8th avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1B5
(403) 532-8980

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